The Ultimate Disc Golf Store is Proudly Canadian: The first Canadian disc sports store east of the Rockies.

About Us

Rob Wormald and the Ultimate Disc Golf Store

In the early years of Ultimate and Disc Golf in Canada, scrounging for plastic was part of the game. Without the internet or any dedicated stores, die-hards often took it upon themselves to sell discs out of their cars.

Sometime in the late 1990s, Rob Wormald shared his vision for a disc sports store with me. I went something like this:

"If it's easy to find discs, more people will play," he said. "But if I do it, it will be more than just a store. We'll put on tournaments, we'll design courses, and we'll organize skills clinics. And the store," he said, "the store will be a meeting place where people can hang out and try discs before they buy them."

I told him it all sounded pretty grandiose. He told me it would
be fun.

We were both right.

Here's just some of what Rob's done since that conversation.

Jeff Meldrum – the friend that first put a disc in Rob's hand.


1998 – Opened the Ultimate Disc Golf Store, Canada's first retail space dedicated to disc sports.

2005 – UDGS opens its warehouse and 'the shire,' a 9-hole private course

Disc Golf Tournaments

2004-2013 – Organized over 50 tournaments throughout Ontario (OD Tour)

2009–2011 – Organized the Capital Classic, Ottawa's annual PDGA sanctioned event

2004-2013 – Organized the Plaid Jacket, Ottawa’s city championships


2008 Taught ultimate and disc golf to 8,000 students in 25
high schools

Courses Design

The Ultimate Disc Golf Store has been involved with the design and installation of over 20 courses in Quebec and Ontario.

Contact Info:

Owner: Rob Wormald

Mailing Address
3489 Old Almonte Rd.
Carp, Ontario, Canada
K0A 1L0